Hire A Speaker That Will Motivate And Inspire Your Team Personally And Professionally

If you have an upcoming retreat or event, consider hiring a speaker for the function that will inspire and motivate. Whether planning a corporate getaway or an educational program for staff, self-help gurus from a company like Inner Engineering may be able to provide information to your team that has a positive impact on the workplace. Show your team at work that you are vested in their success, growth, and development by hiring a speaker that will recharge and inform your staff personally and professionally.

Some tips when looking for a motivating speaker for your event are:

Treat the team to something new. Don't bore your team with redundant or dry information; if you want your event to be a success, challenge your staff with new information. This can be related to work or personal growth; new and compelling topics may impact all areas of your attendees' lives.

Preview the speaker before making your choice. The best way to determine if a speaker is going to hold your staff's attention is to watch a previous speech or presentation before hiring. Most professional speakers and self-help gurus will have videos available for potential clients, or you may find footage by searching online.

Build up staff's confidence and self-esteem. Encourage your staff to speak-up and ask questions; validate their opinions and thoughts, which can help build confidence. Confident, self-assured individuals are an asset to your company, regardless of the type of work that you do.

Look for someone who inspires and instills respect. This is not the time to cut corners; invest in a speaker with some authority, and that instills respect and admiration among those listening. Self-help gurus and counselors are often great speakers as the information that they share can be applied to many areas of their life. For instance, if the speaker is talking about alternative or holistic ways to beat depression, this may impact all areas of life for those that struggle with mood, including their work performance.

Leave them wanting more. Don't expect your team to be at rapt attention all day; this is simply not feasible. Keep the presentation limited to a particular time and duration, which will cue the speaker when it is time to wrap things up and that will help maintain the audience's attention.

A speaker can be a significant component of any retreat, function, or work-related event, so be sure that you hire one that will inspire your team. Providing staff with insights related to self-help and personal development could have ripple-effects, enlightening attendees with information that may extend to their work performance. Furthermore, a compelling speaker may be the only incentive you need to encourage participation among your staff or team.